Pest Management Service You Can Count On!

As a way to clean and maintain your home, it’s always best to have regular pest management to see if there are rodents or pests in your home. If they’re unremoved for some time, they might actually destroy or slowly damage your home. If you don’t want this to happen, make sure to come to Jay's Advantage Pest Control for quality pest management service. We are your trusted pest control contractor in Opelousas, LA for pest solutions. Here’s how we do our service:

  • Inspection – Before we do the actual service, we make sure to check your home first. It’s one way for us to locate where the rodents or the pests are swarming. That way, exterminating pests will be easier already. We will also prepare our materials and supplies for exterminating the rodents and plan on how we can exterminate the pests effectively.
  • Quality service – After everything’s all set, we will now do the extermination service. Our exterminators will do our very best to exterminate pests and rodents that bring harm to your house. All you need to do is to trust us with the job, and we’ll make sure that you will get the pest removal that you deserve.
  • Careful checking – After we’re done with the extermination service, we will then do a quality inspection to see if there are still rodents or pests present in your home. If we see it, we will then do a follow-up to make sure that your house will be rodent and pest free. As a reputable pest control contractor, it is our duty to exterminate every rodent or pest that infest in your home so you can live in comfort.

Whenever you see pests or rodents in your home, even if you see just one of them, make sure to give Jay's Advantage Pest Control a call so we can have it exterminated. We are your trusted contractor to quality pest management. Visit us here in Opelousas, LA today or contact (337) 422-3181 for inquiries and appointments.

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